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You're Gonna Miss This............

My daughter Rose graduated from high school last night. She walked with her graduating class of nearly 600 students, even though she officially completed all her courses one semester early. (She said she wanted to "get a jump" on college classes.) So, she's been out of high school since Christmas and wasn't really sure she wanted to go back and participate in the ceremony.
I was always prepared to go along with whatever decision she made regarding "walking" with her class. I understood her feelings. By the time February rolled around, she had already moved on, and disconnected from most of the people that she associated with during her four years there. It seemed that she was definitely finished with this chapter of her life and looking forward to the next.

And, I’ll be honest. I was more than willing to accept her decision not to attend the ceremony as evidenced by the fact that I never tried to talk her out of her decision. Having MS has made certain thing…

I Don't "Do" Yellow.

I had my first treatment with Tysabri, the newest drug on the market used to battle MS. It’s a once-a-month infusion (IV hook-up), administered in the doctor’s office. When my doctor talked to me about this new drug, he said “it will stop MS in its tracks”. However, I was still hesitant and had been vacillating for the past year as to whether I should switch from my Avonex (weekly injections) to Tysabri. I felt like “if it ain’t broken, why mess with it”. But, recently I have noticed that my feet are numb more often and there is increased spascicity in the muscles in my thighs. spasticity
Tysabri was first approved in 2004 but was temporarily taken off the market in 2005 over concerns about a serious brain infection, known as progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML). It seems that three patients developed the disorder, characterized by destruction of the myelin sheath that covers nerve cells. To put this in everyday language, the brain deteriorates. There is no cure for PML, no…