When will this end?

Yesterday I sat on the back porch enjoying 70 degree weather. Warm and sunny. I was so happy that summer was right around the corner. The has been one of the longest winters that I can remember and I know why it feels that way.

First, last year, we didn't open our pool (that's when we starting thinking SUMMER) until after Memorial Day. We had to replace all the pipes to the pool and close off the bottom drain. Cost us quite a bit of money, but it had to be done. So, we started the season LATE and ended it EARLY because we closed the pool on last day of August so we could take our vacation. We didn't want to have to worry about the functioning/cleaning etc of the pool so we just decided to close it.

So basically, it was a VERY short pool season and that is how we measure our summers here; by just how many days we get to FLOAT in the pool.

Secondly, time has really been dragging ever since that ass hat POTUS has been in Washington. Both Jeff and I wake every morning and the …

70 degrees in Mid-November.

This weather is just wonderful. I had most of the day to myself. Went for eyebrow wax/tint (Holy crap - cost $60) Had what was probably my DQ cone for the season.

Didn't obsess too much about politics. Just kind of watching the clown assemble his cabinet. Not gonna be a easy 4 years, that's for sure.

Let it go.

Jeff golfed. How could he not. It was 70 degrees out today.

Reading a bio of Eleanor Roosevelt (covering 1939-till her death). Puts what were going through now into perspective. As first lady, she was resolute in her conviction to helping the refugees fleeing Europe. She received regular updates from friends in Europe about the atrocities being committed by Hitler. Entire towns being bombed and it's inhabitants being killed or forced to flee; but to where? One by one, countries (Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, France) being overtaken by Nazi forces. The entire world was on fire and FDR was maneuvering his way through the nightmare that the USA would eventually be draw…


Been told I'm catastrophizing about the election. Actually listened to a clinical psychologist's podcast that used the word. I'm pretty sure it's NOT really a word but when you see it or say know exactly what it means.

And yes, I am taking the outcome of the election and elevating the possibilities into probabilities. I wake up in the middle of the night and check the news. I can't bear to see Trump on television or hear his voice. Pretty sure it's at obsession level.

So, I followed the doctor's advice. Just stop. STOP. Stop twitter. Stay off social media for the time being. Finally, get outside. Just take a walk. Do anything.

So I went golfing. But, I don't golf.

There's a story here.

Arthur Miller, speaking about 222 W. 23rd Street - Chelsea Hotel.
"No vacuum cleaners. No rules. No shame."

I get it. 😉

Didn't know anything about the history of the building.

Thanks Leonard. This helps.

Obviously, I'm still trying to deal with the recent election.

"The only moment that you can live here comfortably in these absolutely irreconcilable conflicts is in this moment when you embrace it all and you say "Look, I don’t understand a fucking thing at all – Hallelujah!”

Leonard Cohen

It's been 3 years........

I had a hard time finding my blog. It's been so long. And, I'm gonna be honest...........I CANNOT believe it's been 3 years since I posted.

But, everything is different now.

Last week, an sociopath was elected as our President. I'm speechless. I'm angry. I'm depressed. I feel fearful of the future; for the first time in my fifty-seven years.

Everyone is asking themselves, "How did this happen?" I have no fucking idea.

I'm not sure when I'll be able to watch the news again. I have never felt such visceral hatred towards another human being. This is new for me.

All I want to do here, on this blog, is express my fears and all my feelings about what has happened to our country and what may lie ahead for us all.

And, I need to address that word I used above; HATRED. I want to be able to take that word back someday, sooner rather than later. I know it's not good for my psyche or my soul.

2016 has been a HORRIBLE year. We lost some of my favorite…


Starting moment. Seriously. I give up. I'm giving in. It's the day before Thanksgiving, and like you, I have a million things to do in order to welcome a houseful of guests tomorrow.

I know the drill. After all, I've done this for the past 30 years and I've always enjoyed it. But, over the last few years, I've enjoyed it less. My brain is tired. Having been diagnosed with MS in 2000, I find the constant movement, the heightened noise, the overall increased stimulii getting to me.

All six of my adult children (none married - that's another post) are coming, starting at 10:30 am. I can't wait to see them. I'm sure it will be a wonderful day. At least, I know it could be all that I hope for. But, there's one thing I'm doing this year that I believe will assure that it is my best Thanksgiving ever............I mean EVER.

I'm giving in!

I'm letting my husband do everything. And, I mean everything. He's been asking, alm…