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Snow Day

Calling a "snow day" for myself. Woke up this morning at 5am, looked out the window to see everything covered in snow. So, I decided;

I won't be there.

I'm not going.

Don't expect to see me.

Count me out.

Made a pot of coffee, turned the Xmas tree lights on and sat in my chair watching the day break.

This is something my MS has taught me. Take more snow days.

Maybe it's the weather.....

I can't quite put my finger on it........i'm feeling more tired than usual and I'm not sure why. It's been raining here in Chicago for the better part of two days. Usually I like the rain but, right now I'm feeling pretty blue. I am longing for one of those gorgeous summer days, hanging out in the yard, floating in the pool. My husband Jeff put this unbelievable koi pond in the yard about three years ago and it has become my favorite place during the summer to read and meditate. Maybe it's just that simple. I know there is a "disorder" call SAD (seasonal something disorder) that is the result of not getting enough exposure to the sun. Who knows what the heck is going on? As I've said before, the fatigue is pretty much "always there" and, weather permitting, I would go for a long walk, listening to my music. But, that's not going to happen tonight. So, it's on to Plan B...........nice hot bath and a episode later …

Pooped Again!

Have already done shopped.........made what I hope is a delicious pot of chicken I must close my eyes. My head is pretty foggy and the house will be filling up soon with, husband...

Damn, too late. My husband just came home and wants to talk about a boat he would like to buy. I'm watching him are moving and I am having a tough time paying attention to what he is saying.

This is definitely THE most difficult aspect of MS. I tire I MEAN EASILY, QUICKLY. It's not just physical, but mental. The increased stimuli of a grocery store or a house full of kids (young adults, actually)... anywhere that is not quiet, which is pretty much everywhere, becomes overwhelming.

(Besides, what makes him think we can afford a boat?)

The Roller Coaster that is MS

When I began this blog, I wasn’t sure at first what aspect of the disease I wanted to address. Did I want to confine my posts to writing about the physical difficulties of having a chronic disease? Or, did I want to entertain/intrigue the reader (hopefully, there will be readers and hopefully they will be entertained) with my "roller coaster ride" that is called Multiple Sclerosis. I thought for about a FRACTION OF ONE SECOND and decided on the latter since the stories to tell are oh so much more interesting as one might expect. Anyone who knows someone that has been diagnosed with MS most likely knows the general symptoms that accompany this disease. If not, you can check out this website to read about them. National MS Society : Symptoms of MS: Information and Management As I look over this list, I am a bit stunned by just how many of the symptoms I exhibit. This blog will address all these symptoms and how they have affected, and continue to affect my husband, children an…