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Embracing the "QUICKIE"

Now that my daughter is back at college, the house is much quieter, as one might expect. During the month that she was home, we were dizzy with her comings and going at all hours of the day (and sometimes well into the night and early morning).
My husband’s two boys from his previous marriage visited several times and although they are still too young (14 and 13) to inflict their own brand of chaos, their presence in the house added to an already hectic atmosphere. Throw in the “adventures” of my twenty-one year old son who seems to think our home is a cheap motel and my husband and I were very often physically and emotionally exhausted. I haven’t even mentioned my husband’s recent promotion (increasing the amount of time spent on the job) or my own health issues (MS), which find me in bed, covers pulled up to my chin, when I get stressed out. I’m not complaining about any of this. Really, I’m not. We’ve been living this version of crazy for over a decade and I think we’ve "nailed…