Friday, February 20, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

God Gave Us Lemons. Thanks for nothing.

In her latest post over at her religion blog gapcohen you'll find this quote regarding God.

"If God had made a perfect world, what need would there be for wisdom?  So, He left shattered vessels for us to repair.  And in so doing, we engage a wisdom deeper than that which fashioned the earth, the sun and the stars."

I read this quote over and over thinking.......god sure is an asshole odd bird.

You're telling me that it was his intention to make the world imperfect and jam-packed with "shattered vessels" and this would allow humanity to "engage a wisdom deeper", etc?

So, basically….what we’ve got going now, i.e. middle east chaos, world-wide starvation, poverty, religious intolerance, political corruption (just to name a few), are all atrocities doled out by a supreme being…whom, in all his glory is giving us an opportunity to “rise to the occasion”?

Oh, I get it now. The supreme being was giving us lemons, hoping we’d make lemonade.

Well god, how’s that working for you? More importantly, how’s that working for us?

How 'bout next time around.........go heavier on the WISDOM and lighter on the SHATTERED VESSELS TO REPAIR.

Better yet, going 'bout you just leave us alone. Go away. Let us figure this out on our own. It's not likely we'll screw it up any more then you did. 

If people can only wrap their minds around the idea that you might not even be out there (I figured this out a long time ago), maybe they'll start looking to each other for answers instead of up to the heavens.

(Sorry Mal, don't mean to pick on you. This particualar quote just didn't sit well with me.)