When will this end?

Yesterday I sat on the back porch enjoying 70 degree weather. Warm and sunny. I was so happy that summer was right around the corner. The has been one of the longest winters that I can remember and I know why it feels that way.

First, last year, we didn't open our pool (that's when we starting thinking SUMMER) until after Memorial Day. We had to replace all the pipes to the pool and close off the bottom drain. Cost us quite a bit of money, but it had to be done. So, we started the season LATE and ended it EARLY because we closed the pool on last day of August so we could take our vacation. We didn't want to have to worry about the functioning/cleaning etc of the pool so we just decided to close it.

So basically, it was a VERY short pool season and that is how we measure our summers here; by just how many days we get to FLOAT in the pool.

Secondly, time has really been dragging ever since that ass hat POTUS has been in Washington. Both Jeff and I wake every morning and the first thing we do is check the news to see what's the latest debacle that is happening in the Country.

And, that is just REALLY SAD.


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