Messages Along the Way......

Most mornings, I take a walk at the bird sanctuary acroos the street from where we live. They have a beautiful trail that weaves through many different types of tall grasses with intermittant blooms of flowers (depending on the season). The path goes for about 2 or 3 miles and along the way there are several small benches. Normally, I don't take any breaks during my walk, as my intention is to work up a good sweat and call it my exercise for the day. But today, my cell phone started ringing and I saw that my daughter was trying to Skype me. Since she is living in Spain this year (teaching English) and I look forward to her calls, I answered. Rather then walk and talk, I sat down on one of the benches along the way. As I was talking to my daughter, my eye caught site of a shiny object on the corner of the  bench. On the bench sat this shiny, white, flat rock and, written in pink marker was the following: "You already know."
 Further down the trail, I found another rock. This one says, "it's time for a new story."

What an amazing idea. Who is this person that actually thought this up and took the time to strategically place these rocks with messages along the trail? I wish I knew.  Because, I would like to thank this anonymous person. You brought me joy. You made my day.


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